Book an Appointment

Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed by Killian Moon, whom is human, without a doubt. It would be unwise to try to prove otherwise. 

Please read carefully and fill out the information as complete and accurately as possible. After reviewing and approving your concept, we set up a free 15-30 min video consultation to discuss the best possible way to realize your concept as a tattoo. By the end of the call we should have a basic visual layout of your idea, budget and appointment time. 

Im focusing on Landscapes and other black and grey projects, but I am open to doing color for FreeflowChaotic and Biomech. Due to being a one man army and subject matter that I am able to do at the highest level, I am unable to take every project that comes my way. If your project isn’t something I feel I can excel in, I would be very happy to point you in the right direction to someone that can. 


  • My minimum is $150. 
  • Video Consultations are free.
  • Designs will not be sent prior to your appointment, our video consultation will provide you with a very clear idea of what the design will look like.
  • Tattoos under $600 require a 50% deposit. 
  • Tattoos over $600 require a $400 deposit to book. 
  • A deposit guarantees you a appt date and a custom, finished design ready for you at the moment of your appointment. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable, subject to penalty for reschedule or cancellation. By submitting a deposit you are agreeing to the following: 
    • No penalty if rescheduled 7 days prior to appt.
    • 25% penalty 4-6 days prior 
    • 50% penalty  1-3 days prior (deposit needs to be replenished in order to re-schedule)
    • 100% loss of deposit for same day reschedule/cancellation/ no-show  (new deposit required for rescheduling)
    • Extenuating circumstances may apply at discretion of the artist/shop.
  • I work one client a day. My process is based on maximum efficiency. We start at 1pm, you’ll be out by 7pm at the latest. 

DO NOT DOUBLE EMAIL ME. If you haven't received a response its because I do not have a space for you yet. I will reply to ALL emails. Small tattoos are easier to find a space for, therefore will receive a reply in a couple days. Because I prioritize existing clients, new big pieces such as half sleeves, full sleeves and back pieces are harder to book. Once you're in, you're in. I make sure my ongoing clients can book at least once a month.