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Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed by Killian Moon, whom is human, without a doubt. It would be unwise to try to prove otherwise. 

READ CAREFULLY and fill out the information as complete and accurately as possible. After reviewing and approving your concept, we set up a free 15-30 min video consultation to discuss the best possible way to realize your concept as a tattoo. By the end of the call we should have a basic visual layout of your idea, budget and appointment time. 

Im focusing Black and Grey projects, but I am open to doing color for FreeflowChaotic and Biomech. I am unable to take every project that comes my way. If your project isn’t something I feel I can excel in, I would be very happy to point you in the right direction to someone that can. 

I DO NOT copy tattoos. 

Do not expect a reply right away. It may take me days or weeks to have an answer for you.

DO NOT DOUBLE EMAIL ME. If you haven't received a response its because I do not have a space for you yet. I will reply to ALL emails. Small tattoos are easier to find a space for, therefore will receive a reply in a couple days. Because I prioritize existing clients, new big pieces such as half sleeves, full sleeves and back pieces are harder to book. Once you're in, you're in. I make sure my ongoing clients can book at least once a month. 


  • My minimum is $150. 
  • Video Consultations are free.
  • Designs will not be sent prior to your appointment, our video consultation will provide you with a very clear idea of what the design will look like.
  • Tattoos under $600 require a 50% deposit. 
  • Tattoos over $600 require a $400 deposit to book. 
  • A deposit guarantees you a appt date and a custom, finished design ready for you at the moment of your appointment. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable, subject to penalty for reschedule or cancellation. By submitting a deposit you are agreeing to the following: 
    • No penalty if rescheduled 7 days prior to appt.
    • 25% penalty 4-6 days prior 
    • 50% penalty  1-3 days prior (deposit needs to be replenished in order to re-schedule)
    • 100% loss of deposit for same day reschedule/cancellation/ no-show  (new deposit required for rescheduling)
    • Extenuating circumstances may apply at discretion of the artist/shop.
  • I work one client a day. My process is based on maximum efficiency. We start at 1pm, you’ll be out by 7pm at the latest.