Procreate/Clip Studio brush stamps by Killian Moon

I've created these skulls, female and male heads, and full-body proportion guides as an essential part of your digital toolkit. Understanding proportion is a fundamental skill for any figure drawing, but particularly for faces. Based on the ideal proportions developed by Andrew Loomis, one of the great drawing instructors of the 20th century, I've developed this set of digital construction tools. Like all Tattoo Smart stamp brush sets, these brushes are designed to compliment the workflow of any artist and be useful for projects of all sizes, allowing enough flexibility to add your own style to the design.

In addition to the male and female head proportion guides, I've included stencil-ready skulls from different perspectives and with variations on jaw position. Use them as the basis for a skull tattoo design or with one of the head grids to understand the underlying structure in your face designs.

Tattoo Smart gives you the tools to speed up the process of conceptualizing and rendering time-consuming elements, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the composition of your tattoo design. The Great Head by Killian Moon brush set features:

20 Skulls
10 Female heads
10 Male heads
6 Full-body proportion guides

Get Great Head today and begin exploring the possibilities this brush set has to offer! 


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